Daytona Florida Holiday Inn Hotel

A general contractor says he expects to break ground on the long-planned Holiday Inn Express Suites in downtown Daytona Beach in March. The project is located at the corner of South Main Street and West Palm Beach Boulevard. A developer for the planned Holiday Hotel Express in downtown Miami Beach plans to break ground in March.

If you're looking to take your family to a water park, Daytona Lagoon offers plenty of paddling fun, and the hotel's pool deck is a great place for kids to have their share of fun on the beach. If you want to explore more of Florida, you can reach the famous Kennedy Space Center in less than an hour and a half. You can also easily drive to Orlando, but there are many golf courses nearby, and if you're in Daytona, don't miss the chance to visit the famous Daytona International Speedway.

Although the hotel does not provide sun loungers on the beach, there is a privately run kiosk where you can rent one for $30 a day for 30 days or $50 a week for two nights.

There is also a seafood restaurant on site to enjoy a fresh catch of the day Florida style, Florida style to round off your stay on the beach. Forget other meals and head to the beach for a quick lunch or dinner in the hotel's beachfront restaurant.

If you're feeling adventurous, head to Ponce de Leon Lighthouse and climb the steps of the lighthouse or head to the Daytona boardwalk for some family fun. Visit some of Daytona's most popular attractions, including the Florida Museum of Natural History, the Palm Beach County Courthouse and check in at Disney World Resort & Spa.

Spend the morning splashing around on boogie boards, skimboards and surfing in the shallow tidal areas that make up the popular beach area at Daytona Beach Resort & Spa. Note that there are no lifeguards in the area, so bring diapers with your children when they are trained, even though there are none on site. There is also a disinfected used pen for guests that can be used at check-in, as well as disinfectants and used pens that are available for purchase. Play pool, enjoy a drink at the pool bar, jump into the heated outdoor pool or relax in our cocktail lounge and play with sand and waves.

Start your vacation in a great location that makes it easy to get to the rest of Florida's amazing attractions when staying at the Daytona Beach Resort & Spa Holiday Inn Hotel. There are plenty of shopping opportunities in the surrounding shopping malls, as well as bargains at the Daytona Flea Market. Don't miss your chance to visit a beach by taking the Miami Beach Express, the largest and most popular shopping mall in the world.

Daytona Beach Resort & Spa Holiday Inn Hotel is an affordable, family-friendly hotel with many amenities and facilities for the whole family.

In addition to the stunning ocean views, each room has a 32-inch HDTV flat screen with a comfortable décor that is not available in the rest of the hotel with its spacious living room. Our recently modernised rooms feature a fully equipped kitchen, private pool, spa and fitness centre and private dining area.

We also offer a two-bedroom, three-bed, four-bath hotel room that makes its East Coast debut, with a private pool and fitness center, and is available for about $137 a night. We are located in the heart of downtown Daytona Beach, just a short drive from downtown and the beach.

When you go to Florida on vacation, pack your bags and stay at the Daytona Beach Holiday Inn hotel for as little or as much as you want. Right in front of the hotel is the beach in our own backyard, which is filled with countless opportunities to spend the day.

Each room has a balcony overlooking the ocean and all have at least partial sea views. The Express is not too big, but it is never crowded and has at least partial sea views, so it is a good choice.

We had a great stay at Confidante in Miami Beach last year and were sold on how ideal it is to have direct access to the beach. Florida is the better beach in the world, and there are many better places in the world, but it was super nice to go to the pool deck and swim in the water with a view of the ocean.

There is also access to some of the area's most popular attractions, including Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach International Airport and the World Trade Center. Daytona has so many amenities that you'll never get bored and you can maximize your vacation budget by staying at a hotel with a great location, great food and great amenities. You can save on accommodation and food budget while ensuring you enjoy all that Daytona Beach has to offer. And while staying at one of Florida's best vacation hotels in the heart of Daytona, Florida, you have everything you need and need.

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